Malaysia Email Hosting Service for Business

Our DevOps hosting plan will give you more experience in usage.

Premium business email solution that can help you save more

Business Email is designed to be as an alternative email solution for enterprises customers who are looking for enterprise email features at super affordable price. Our business email hosting solution are powered by Zimbra collaboration Network Edition. Trusted by more than 400 million users.

Apart from the intuitive webmail client, our business email hosting solutions also allow you to have seamless integration with your outlook and mobile client. Sync your address book and calendars to your desktop and mobile automatically.

Mix & match your email users and pay only what you use

Myduniahosting offers the best package and budget friendly yet powerful for expert used

Standard Email

RM 3 /user /month

Free trial 30 days.

  • 250GB upgradeable domain storage
  • 30 minimum mailbox
  • Features
    Webmail, Address Book, POP3, IMAP, SMTP
  • Daily backup
  • 14 days restore point

Business Email

RM 8 /user /month

Free trial 30 days.

  • 250GB upgradeable domain storage
  • 30 minimum mailbox
  • Features
    All from Standard Email, Global Address List, Calendar
  • Daily backup
  • 14 days restore point

Business Email Plus

RM 14 /user /month

Free trial 30 days.

  • 250GB upgradeable domain storage
  • 20 minimum mailbox
  • Features
    All from Business Email, Task, Briefcase, Sharing
  • Daily backup
  • 14 days restore point

Business Email

RM 18 /user /month

Free trial 30 days.

  • 250GB upgradeable domain storage
  • 20 minimum mailbox
  • Features
    All from Business Email Plus and active Sync, MAPI, EWS
  • Daily backup
  • 14 days restore point

Terms and Condition

  1. All prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia.
  2. All Business Email are entitled for 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed.
  3. Please refer to our terms and condition for REFUND entitlement.
  4. Customers are required to select the correct product based on their requirement before placing order.
  5. Users are not allowed to send bulk emails using the free email account included with this package.
  6. By placing order and have made a successful payment for the services offered by Myduniahosting, Customers are hereby have READ, UNDERSTAND and AGREE to our terms and condition.
  7. Myduniahosting reserves the right to amend any terms and condition without prior notice.

Business email features comparison

A new range of dedicated servers, equipped with Intel® Xeon® E processor

Feature / Plan Standard Email Business Email Business Email Plus Professional Email
Personal Address Book
Global Address List
Active Sync

Access to our premium email hosting features

Professional antispam

Get a full insight, control and at the same time protect your mailbox from SPAM using our professional antispam.

Sync Contacts

Sync your existing contacts within your Android, iPhone, Mac and Desktop.

Sync calendar

Sync and access your calendar from your android, iPhones, mac and desktop without having to miss one.

Send & share files securely

Securely send and share your confidential files with your recipient.

50MB attachment

Email server ready to accept and send up to 50MB attachment to your client.

Open email client

Continuously access your mailbox from anywhere using POP3 / IMAP / SMTP / Webmail.

Outlook ready

Microsoft outlook user? Continue access your mailbox using fully Exchange MAPI features.


Minimize your Operation Expenditures and Capacity Expenditures by delegating your email server management to us.

Pay as you grow

Start with minimum mailbox Essential mail service and upgrade it anytime in the future.


For email hosting accounts, we only bill customers on annual basis from the date you have signed up.

Yes, we allow you to upgrade your account to the next suitable package that you want. There will prorate charges incurred. However, we do not offer a downgrade from your current package.

No. You may cancel at any time. However, we do not suggest customer cancel their account. If it is likely due to service, we suggest the customer open a support case for us to look into it.


  • All business email hosting services will be provided by our team once your payment has been confirmed.
  • We recommend our customers to use “MOLPay” or “PayPal” on checkout for instant domain registration provisioning.
  • However, customers are welcome to pay using the manual method, but this will take a little time as we payment proof before we can manually approve the order.

Our team will provision your account soonest as your payment has been confirmed. You will get an email containing your admin login information.

You will need to make sure that your domain has a valid and correct MX record. Please refer to your configuration guide which has been sent by our team for details and correct MX records which relate to your domain.

  • If you order a domain and are currently active with us, we offer DNS Management for free. You can use our DNS Management to host your records. If you do not know how to do this, please open a support ticket with us and our team is always happy to support you.
  • However, if you buy your domain from another provider, you will need to check with them on how to do it. You may provide them with the MX records details from the configuration guide that we have sent to you to speed up and help them understand.
  • If you are using iPhone/iPad/Mac you may configure your client to use CalDAV or CardDAV. This is also valid for Desktop clients on windows that support CalDAV and CardDAV eg: eM client.
  • If you would like to fully configure and sync all features to your Outlook client, you will need to subscribe to our Premium Emai(PE). Once you have subscribed to this package, you will be able to configure your client using the Exchange setting.
  • This will allow your client to sync all your calendar, address book, and task with the server. You will also be able to sync these features with your mobile devices and Mac.
  • Our server can accept sending and receiving up to 50MB of attachments. However, this also depends on your recipient mail server capabilities. Normally, they will allow up to 15MB of attachment including email headers.
  • To solve this kind of issue, we offer File Share features. Where you can upload files to a file share under your account, and you may send your recipient your share link for them to download.
  • With these features, you will be able to prevent getting bounce-back emails due to attachment size limitations and also at the same time secure how you want to share your files.
  • No. This email service is strictly for business email communication only.
  • If you intend to send marketing emails, we suggest you use newsletter services (GetResponse, MailChimp &, etc) or a list server. Please take note that if find you are sending marketing or blasting emails, we have to suspend your account in order to make sure the email services are not being blacklisted.